Trade Journalism Award Winners

2024 Winner

Brain Games: Misconduct concerns, possible drug risks should stop major stroke trial, whistleblowers say

Science Magazine

Charles Piller

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Charles Piller

Charles Piller

Charles Piller

Charles Piller

Meagan Weiland

Meagan Weiland

2023 Winner

Blots on a field?


Charles Piller and Meagan Weiland


2022 Winner

A rare but real side effect: How scientists recognized deadly complications after the AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccines

Science Magazine

Gretchen Vogel and Kai Kupferschmidt

03/17/21 03/27/21 05/03/21

Honorable Mention

Inequality's Deadly Toll: A century of research has demonstrated how poverty and discrimination drive disease. Can Covid push science to finally address the issue?


Amy Maxmen


Gretchen Vogel

Kai Kupferschmidt

Antonio Regalado

credit: Selman Design

2021 Winner

The Antibody Drugs Made Against COVID-19

MIT Technology Review

Antonio Regalado

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2020 Winner

Peripheral Vision: As Office-Based Practices Proliferate, Who Is Watching Out for Patients?


Caitlin E. Cox

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2019 Winner

The Sunshine State's Dark Cloud


Jon Cohen, Jennifer Couzin-Frankel

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2018 Winner

Autism’s Drug Problem


Lauren Gravitz

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2017 Winner

Wounded Care

Modern Healthcare

Bob Herman and Fan Fei

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2016 Winner

Save Blood, Save Lives & The Trouble with Checklists


Emily Anthes

Part 1 Part 2

2015 Winner

Sepsis Success


Cheryl Clark

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2014 Winner

You Don't Always Get What You Pay For

Modern Healthcare

Joe Carlson

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2013 Winner

Health Care’s Costliest 1%

Hospitals & Health Networks

Haydn Bush

August 2012 October 2012

2012 Winner

Coupon Overdose

Human Resource Executive

Carol Patton

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Honorable Mention

Tragic Tale

National Underwriter Life & Health

Bill Coffin

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2011 Winner

Bad for Business

Modern Healthcare

Joe Carlson

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2010 Winner

Trauma to the System

Modern Healthcare

Joe Carlson

Honorable Mention

The Heart of the Matter: How Congress and Special Interests Kept Crucial Clinical Trial Data Secret

Sunlight Foundation

Nancy Watzman, Bill Allison, Sarah Dorsey, Luke Rosiak, Noah Kunin, Kerry Mitchell, Anu Narayanswamy

2009 Winner

The Myxo Ring Mix-Up (by WebMD)

Shelley Wood

2008 Winner

Backfire at Boeing & Doctor's Error, Your Expense

Workforce Management

Jeremy Smerd

2007 Winner

Crisis in Health Care: Does Vic Wood Have the Answer?

Medical Economics

Robert Lowes

2006 Winner

Chronic Questions

Modern Healthcare

Laura Benko

2005 Winner

A Case of Neglect

Governing Magazine

Katherine Barrett, Richard Greene and Michele Mariani

2004 Winner

Code of Silence

Daily Business Review

Steve Ellman

Honorable Mention

It's More Than Just Tenet

Modern Healthcare

Mary Chris Jaklevic

2003 Winner

Stuck in the Middle

Modern Healthcare

Cinda Becker

2002 Winner

Getting the Jump on Leapfrog

COR Healthcare Market Strategist

David Ollier Weber

2001 Winner

Teen Suicide: The Silent Epidemic

Education Week

Jessica Portner

Honorable Mention

Depression in the Workforce: Seeing the Cost in a Fuller Light

Business Health

Emil Vernarec

2000 Winner

The Trouble with Mergers

Healthcare Business Media

Joanne Todd

1999 Winner

Out for Blood

Modern Healthcare

Scott Hensley

Honorable Mention

Cash Cows

California Medicine

Steve Heimoff

1998 Winner

When IPA's Fail

California Medicine

Mark Hagland

1997 Winner

Breaking the E-Code

American Medical News

Greg Borzo

1996 Winner

The Quagmire of Medicaid Reform

American Medical News

Harris Meyer

1995 Winner

The Bypass Business

Syracuse Herald Journal

Amber Smith