Transforming Health Care Through Evidence and Collaboration
Transforming Health Care Through Evidence and Collaboration

Homelessness & COVID-19: A Merger of Two Epidemics

June 18, 2020 | 01:00 PM
02:00 PM ET

Webinar Transcript

The COVID-19 pandemic has placed a spotlight on the homeless and home insecure population, highlighting the existing health challenges faced by this community and the additional risks posed by COVID-19. A new analysis estimates that homeless individuals infected by COVID-19 are two to four times as likely to require critical care and two to three times as likely to die compared to the general population. This webinar looked at the state of homelessness in the US and its critical impact on health and provided strategies to improve outcomes for homeless individuals both in the short and long term.

Speakers discussed:

  • The complex relationship between homelessness and health and how health centers and other organizations are responding to improve care, increase housing access and ultimately eliminate homelessness 

  • The impact of homelessness on youth and how health plans and community partners are working to increase access to clinical care and services
  • An organization's efforts to meet the needs of homeless LGBTQ youth by offering free training and resources and ensuring critical funding and services for all youth


Bobby Watts, MPH, MS, CPH
National Health Care for the Homeless Council
Rev. Dr. Lorina Marshall-Blake, MGA, FAAN
Independence Blue Cross Foundation
Christa Price, LMSW
True Colors United

Presentation Slides

"Health and Homelessness - Before and After COVID-19" -Bobby Watts
"Homelessness & COVID-19" -Christa Price
"Collaboration and Connection," -Lorina Marshall-Blake
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