Transforming Health Care Through Evidence and Collaboration
Transforming Health Care Through Evidence and Collaboration

Health in Rural America: Innovative Solutions to Address Disparities

November 13, 2019 | 02:00 PM
03:30 PM ET

America is facing a complex rural health crisis. Increasing urbanization leaves behind an older, sicker, and poorer population in rural America that may struggle with social determinants of health like access to medical care and healthy meals. These challenges contribute to rural-urban health inequities in rates of chronic conditions like obesity and diabetes. Despite the odds, leaders are leveraging the unique strengths of rural communities to develop and implement promising solutions.

This webinar explored:

  • The current rural health landscape and federal strategies to improve rural health
  • Innovative initiatives to respond to unmet social needs, address provider shortages and expand telehealth in Arkansas and Texas
  • The impact of rurality on maternal and child health and approaches to managing access issues


Cara James
Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services
Mark Jansen
Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield
Bob Morrow
Health Care Service Corporation
Carrie Henning-Smith
University of Minnesota

Presentation Slides

"Rethinking Rural Health: CMS' Efforts to Improve Health Care in Rural America" - Cara V. James, PhD
"NIHCM Rural Health Webinar" - Mark T. Jansen, MD
"Small Towns, Big Solutions: The Future of Health Care for Rural Texas" - Bob Morrow, MD, MBA
"Maternal Care in Rural America" - Carrie Henning-Smith, PhD, MPH, MSW