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Aging in America

Health Equity / Social Determinants of Health


The Conversation

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Nov 06, 2019 - Dec 31, 2020



Summary of the Project:

Recognizing that the U.S. is ill-prepared to handle health care issues related to the ongoing shift to an older population with longer lifespans, this series of articles will explore research on aging-related diseases and disorders; health care delivery, cost and payment, including caregiving; and evidence-based solutions.

About the Grantee:

The Conversation brings together editors and academics to translate research into accessible content for the public, reaching more than 9 million people a month. On average, stories are republished in 6 to 9 news outlets, including via the Associated Press wire and in local papers.

Related Grantee Work

September 25, 2020

Video: How will society change as the US population ages?

Even as average life expectancy has started to trend downward in the U.S., Americans 65 and older are living longer. The change toward longer old age will have profound effects on health care needs, families and what it means to be old.

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Author: Marcia G. Ory

August 24, 2020

Economic hardship from COVID-19 will hit minority seniors the most

Given that the unemployment rate among older minority Americans is already disproportionately high and that many have health conditions that make it difficult to work, their ability to change their financial situation is small compared to other groups.

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Author: Marc Cohen & Jane Tavares

July 06, 2020

Social isolation: The COVID-19 pandemic’s hidden health risk for older adults, and how to manage it

As coronavirus cases rise again, it can be hard for older adults to see any end to the need for social isolation and the loneliness that can come with it.

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Author: Marcia G. Ory, Matthew Lee Smith

July 01, 2020

From marmots to mole-rats to marmosets – studying many genes in many animals is key to understanding how humans can live longer

Growing evidence that supports the hypothesis that lifespan is a complex and highly context-dependent trait calls for a shift in how biologists think about aging.

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Author: Amanda Kowalczyk

June 25, 2020

Prisoners in US suffering dementia may hit 200,000 within the next decade – many won’t even know why they are behind bars

Prison officials are bracing for a silver tsunami that will flood correctional facilities with elderly and often vulnerable prisoners.

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Author: Rachel Lopez

June 09, 2020

States are making it harder to sue nursing homes over COVID-19: Why immunity from lawsuits is a problem

Nursing homes did not cause the pandemic, but poor infection control, inadequate staffing and sluggish mitigation allowed the virus to spread.

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Author: Tara Sklar, Nicolas Paul Terry

May 22, 2020

Should you fly yet? An epidemiologist and an exposure scientist walk you through the decision process

While there is no way to make air travel 100% safe, there are ways to make it safer. It’s important to think through the particulars for each trip.

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Author: Kacey Ernst, Paloma Beamer

May 18, 2020

How coronavirus could forever change home health care, leaving vulnerable older adults without care and overburdening caregivers

Physicians, health care experts and the media spent considerable time focused on hospital capacity since the start of the COVID-19 crisis. Nursing homes received less attention, until thousands of deaths revealed a shocking risk for older adults and those who care for them.

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Author: Madhuri Reddy, Nathan Stall, Paula Rochon

May 06, 2020

Out with the old: Coronavirus highlights why we need new names for aging

This piece in a series on aging in America describes the marginalization of older Americans with the rise of COVID-19.

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Author: Caroline Cicero, Paul Nash

April 27, 2020

Failure to count COVID-19 nursing home deaths could dramatically skew US numbers

This piece in a series on aging in America explains how failure to count COVID-19 nursing home deaths could dramatically skew US numbers.

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Author: Thomas Perls

March 28, 2020

Nursing home protections during COVID-19

This piece in a series on aging in America describes how preventing COVID-19 from decimating nursing home residents requires spending money and improving infection control.

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Author: Kathryn Hyer, David Dosa, Lindsay J. Peterson

March 25, 2020

7 things you can do to reach out to older adults during coronavirus

This piece in a series on aging in America provides ways to safely connect during this crisis with older family members, friends and neighbors.

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Author: Basia Belza, Anita Souza & Tatiana Sadak

March 10, 2020

4 tips from a geriatrician on how seniors can stay connected during coronavirus

This piece in a series on aging in America shares four ways for elders to stay socially connected in time of social distancing.

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Author: Laurie Archbald-Pannone

February 24, 2020

Blacks are at higher risk for Alzheimer’s, but why?

This piece in a series on aging in America explores why Blacks are at higher risk for Alzheimer’s.

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Author: Renã A.S. Robinson

February 20, 2020

Boomers have a drug problem, but not the kind you might think

Decades ago, many in that generation experimented with drugs that were both recreational and illegal. Although boomers may not be using those same drugs today, many are taking medications, often several of them. And even if those drugs are legal, there are still risks of interactions and side effects.

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Author: Laurie Archbald-Pannone

February 14, 2020

Incomplete and inadequate: Information lacking for seniors looking for assisted living

As of today, the youngest of the nearly 70 million baby boomers is 55; the oldest is 74. Within the next decade, millions of them will need long-term care. Many will remain in their homes, with family or “drop-in” caregiver services lending a hand. Some will move in with relatives. Those who are most dependent on care might choose nursing homes. A diverse and expanding older population is looking for help.

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Author: Lindsay J. Peterson, Kathryn Hyer