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Measuring Systemic Overuse in the Privately Insured

Cost & Quality / Health Care Coverage / Overuse


Jodi Segal, Johns Hopkins University

Grant Period:

Mar 01, 2018 - Feb 28, 2019



Summary of the Project:

This study will construct and validate a composite index of systemic overuse for the privately-insured working aged population, extending prior work by this team to develop a similar index for the Medicare population. The resulting index will be used to assess temporal and geographic patterns of systemic overuse and to evaluate how Maryland's global-budget program has affected systemic overuse. The new index can advance efforts to understand overuse in a more comprehensive way and can provide a useful tool for future research on the impact of various interventions aimed at reducing low-value care.

Media Coverage

December 2020

The impact of global budget payment reform on systemic overuse in Maryland

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Author: A Oakes, ASen, JB Segal

March 01, 2020

"Understanding Geographic Variation in Systemic Overuse Among the Privately Insured"

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Author: A Oakes, A Sen, JB Segal, Medical Care

May 02, 2019

"Systemic overuse of health care in a commercially insured US population, 2010–2015"

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Author: A Oakes, Chang HY, Segal JB, BMC Health Services Research