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The Opioid Crisis: Why We’re Failing and How to Improve

Prescription Drugs / Substance Use


Healthcare Triage

Grant Period:

Nov 06, 2019 - Dec 31, 2020



Summary of the Project:

This project will augment and update Healthcare Triage’s original video series on the opioid crisis by reviewing the latest research, including the strain of the opioid crisis on the health care system; the connection between opioids and suicide; and conflicting studies evaluating whether legalized marijuana is a viable alternative pain treatment. The series will also explore past policy failures and potential policy solutions moving forward.

About the Grantee:

Healthcare Triage is an online video series about health care hosted by Dr. Aaron E. Carroll, who explains health care policy, medical research and answers viewer questions about medicine, health and health care.

Related Grantee Work

August 20, 2020

The Opioid Crisis and the Way Forward

This series talked about the state of the opioid crisis, deaths of despair, and the disappointing evidence about marijuana as a treatment for opioid dependence. But the outlook doesn't have to be entirely bleak. There are concrete policy changes we could make that might help stem the crisis. One of the most prominent is the use of MAT, or medication assisted treatment.

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August 17, 2020

Can Marijuana Help with Opioid Addiction?

Part 3 of this opioid series looks at the potential for marijuana to improve outcomes in opioid addiction therapy. Some studies have shown that prescribing marijuana can ease the path to shaking an opioid dependence. There's some new research in this area, and this episode will go through some of the studies.

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August 13, 2020

Deaths of Despair and Decreasing Life Expectancy in the US

In recent years, life expectancy in the US has been dropping. A significant contributor to that drop has been deaths of despair. Drug overdoses and suicides have increased in tandem with the opioid crisis, and the outcome is shorter lives. This episode talks about these tragic deaths and what we might do about them.

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August 10, 2020

The Opioid Crisis Is Still a Crisis

In 2016, Healthcare Triage presented a special series of videos looking at the opioid crises in the United States. Now, we're taking another look at the crisis and seeing where we've improved, where we've failed, and what we can do better in the future. This episode will look at how the crisis has impacted the healthcare system, and other social organizations like the foster system. We'll also look at changes in regulations, and where we are with regard to research and treatment.

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