October 03, 2022

Mental Illness Awareness Week 2022 - Lived Experiences

This Mental Illness Awareness Week, NIHCM places a spotlight on the needs of the nearly 1 in 5 U.S. adults – 50 million people – who experience a mental illness each year. Unfortunately, less than half of those in need ever receive the mental health care they require. The conditions are ideal for transforming America's mental health system with scientific advances and new approaches to prevention and treatment. Learn more about new solutions

Mental Health Solutions - Webinar & Infographic

Due to physician burnout, a workforce shortage, and poor funding, this country has long struggled with handling the growing mental health crisis and providing equitable access to care. In this webinar, Dr. Ken Duckworth of NAMI, and other experts, offer solutions. This infographic explores ways to improve and strengthen mental health care in America.

Climate Change & Mental Health - Webinar & Infographic

Extreme weather events are becoming more intense and more frequent.This webinar and infographic explore the interconnectedness of climate change and mental well-being, while focusing on climate resilience and what can be done to combat these evolving issues.

Children’s Well-being - Webinar & Infographic

Trauma experienced during childhood can have a lasting impact on health and well-being. This infographic and webinar explores actionable strategies to prevent ACEs and programs to support children and break the cycle of adversity.

Voices of Children & Black Communities - Journalism Grantees

RetroReport/Scientific American reported on the health impacts of trauma through the lens of children who lost their primary caregiver during the pandemic. Another grantee, Power Radio News Network, produced health reports airing on radio stations serving communities of color across the country on how to access mental health care.