Press Releases / April 03, 2015

NIHCM Foundation Announces 2015 Awards Finalists

21st Annual NIHCM Foundation Health Care Digital Media Award Finalists

21st Annual NIHCM Foundation Health Care Print Journalism Award Finalists

General Circulation Publications

Trade Publications

21st Annual NIHCM Foundation Research Award Finalists

8th Annual NIHCM Foundation Health Care Television and Radio Journalism Award Finalists

About the Awards

Established in 1993, the NIHCM Awards recognize the talented journalists and researchers who serve as catalysts for positive change by advancing and informing public and private policy making. NIHCM's President and CEO, Nancy Chockley, explains, "NIHCM was founded to provoke new thinking and ideas. Through our awards, we recognize the tremendous contributions of researchers and journalists who bring new evidence to light and communicate it to the public." This year's competition brought in nearly 500 entries.


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