Press Releases / April 21, 2021

NIHCM Statement on the Derek Chauvin Verdict

We at NIHCM see the Derek Chauvin verdict in the murder of George Floyd as a long-needed step forward in the fight against systemic racism in our country. While we still have a great deal of work to do to address the hundreds of years of racism and white supremacy that have brought us to where we are today, this just verdict stands as a small sign of progress.

As an organization dedicated to improving health, our evidence-based work is committed to addressing the multiple ways systemic racism impacts public health. A critical part of this work is understanding and supporting solutions to the horrific toll that violence takes on the physical and mental health of Black Americans.

We join with our colleagues in the world of public health, our NIHCM partners, and our community in continuing the fight toward equity in health and health care, and all aspects of life in America. We have a long way to go, but we are steadfast in our determination to move toward a more just nation for all.

Nancy Chockley
Founding President and CEO, NIHCM Foundation


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