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NIHCM Newsletter / July 2021

Long COVID, the Delta Variant, & Violence

The latest news and resources on vaccination, substance use, & more

NIHCM Newsletter / June 2021

Reopening, LGBTQ Health, & Vaccinating Children

The latest news on mental health, people with disabilities, and substance use disorders

NIHCM Newsletter / May 2021

Health Equity, Maternal & Rural Health, & COVID-19

The latest news on achieving health equity, improving maternal and rural health, and beating COVID-19

NIHCM Newsletter / April 2021

The Fourth Surge, Violence & Resources

Learn more about news, resources, and initiatives on substance use, the economy, & more.

NIHCM Newsletter / March 2021

Drop in Life Expectancy, Vaccine Access & Devastating Winter Storm

Learn more about news, resources, and initiatives on racial equity, mental health, & more.

NIHCM Newsletter / February 2021

Substance Use Disorder, COVID-19 & Resources

Throughout the pandemic, the opioid epidemic has continued to devastate communities and require expanded prevention efforts.

NIHCM Newsletter / January 2021

Vaccine Distribution, Health Disparities & Resources

The United States continues to grapple with the COVID-19 pandemic with deaths recently surpassing 350,000 people and hospitalizations hitting record numbers.

NIHCM Newsletter / December 2020

COVID-19 & Staff Shortages

As COVID-19 cases surge, hospitals are experiencing shortages in nurses, doctors and other staff.