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NIHCM Newsletter / September 2020

COVID-19 Pandemic & Mental Health

This newsletter explores the COVID-19 pandemic's impact on the mental health of kids, teachers and parents.

NIHCM Newsletter / August 2020

COVID-19: Concerns about Reopening Schools

Hispanic and Black adults and parents are more concerned about COVID-19 and schools reopening than their white counterparts.

NIHCM Newsletter / July 2020

Racism, Health & COVID-19

Communities of color have experienced significant disparities in health outcomes from COVID-19, as well as barriers to accessing testing.

NIHCM Newsletter / June 2020

Racism, Inequality & Health

Recent protests against police brutality and the racial disparities in COVID-19 diagnoses and deaths highlight systemic racism as a public health crisis.

NIHCM Newsletter / May 2020

COVID-19’s Disproportionate Impact on Vulnerable Populations

Public and private organizations are working to provide resources and support communities during COVID-19.

NIHCM Newsletter / April 2020

Links to Information on COVID-19 & Vulnerable Populations

This list of resources will help you find answers to questions concerning COVID-19 and vulnerable populations.

NIHCM Newsletter / April 2020

Links to Frequently Updated COVID-19 Information

To help you find answers to questions concerning COVID-19, NIHCM is providing the following links to expert sources that are frequently updated.

NIHCM Newsletter / March 2020

Developmental Disabilities More Common in Rural Areas

Developmental disabilities are more common among rural youth.