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Presented By: Public Health Institute

A New Road Forward: How Hospital, Public Health and Stakeholder Collaboration Has Changed the Community Health Landscape

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10:30 - 11:30 AM ET

The health care landscape is rapidly changing, and this focus on transformation opens exciting new opportunities to advance population health. Achieving the promise of greater community health and equity requires the know-how, innovations and commitment of a wide range of sectors and stakeholders.

This webinar showed how hospitals, the public health community and other key stakeholders are already working together creatively and effectively to address needs in their communities. Presentations highlighted the following:

  • an overview of population health improvement and community prevention during this time of health care transformation, including further insights on defining population health improvement
  • the value of collaboration between the public health community, hospitals and other key stakeholders to improve population health and create health equity
  • key findings and insights from a recent University of Kentucky study of public health and hospital collaborations, as well as how to inspire and support new ones
  • lessons learned from the Detroit Regional Infant Mortality Reduction Task Force's success in improving outcomes through coordination with a diversity of funders and partners, how they are leveraging the skills of Community Health Works, and how they are working to inform policy
  • the CDC's current efforts to encourage public health and hospital collaborations, including promising practices and future endeavors

The American Public Health Association, Prevention Institute, Public Health Institute and Trust for America’s Health, with the support of NIHCM Foundation and other multi-sector co-sponsors (see listing below), have developed a new webinar series, "Multisector Stakeholders in Community Health," focused on new opportunities to engage multiple sectors in community health and prevention.


Mary Pittman

Public Health Institute

Lawrence Prybil

University of Kentucky College of Public Health

Kimberlydawn Wisdom

Community Health & Equity and Henry Ford Health System

John Auerbach

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

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Matthew Marsom, Vice President of Public Health Policy and Advocacy, Public Health Institute

Webinar Series Co-Sponsors

  • Association of Community Affiliated Plans (ACAP)
  • America's Essential Hospitals (AEH)
  • Association of Community Health Improvement (ACHI)
  • Alliance of Community Health Plans (ACHP)
  • Catholic Health Association
  • Children's Hospital Association
  • Medicaid Health Plans of America (MHPA)
  • National Institute for Health Care Management (NIHCM) Foundation
  • Stakeholder Health
  • United Way Worldwide

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