COVID-19 Vaccine Booster Doses in the U.S.

Published on: October 12, 2021. Updated on: October 13, 2021.

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COVID-19 vaccine booster doses are currently only available to eligible Pfizer recipients. The FDA is meeting on October 14th and 15th to discuss boosters for the Moderna and Johnson & Johnson vaccines. According to a CDC study, the side effects of the booster shots are similar to those of the second dose.

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Number of Boosters: COVID Data Tracker, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. October 12th, 2021.

Eligibility: Who Is Eligible for a COVID-19 Vaccine Booster Shot? Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. October 7th, 2021.

The Decline in Effectiveness: Tartof, Sara Y, et al. “Effectiveness of Mrna BNT162B2 COVID-19 Vaccine up to 6 Months in a Large Integrated Health System in the USA: A Retrospective Cohort Study.” The Lancet, 2021,


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