Webinar Series

Health Care Workforce 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected health care workers across all settings, from the frontline workers treating COVID-19 patients, to providers dealing with the stress and financial impact of the pandemic, to community health workers providing essential social and health support. This three-part webinar series focuses on the impact of the pandemic and the role of health care professionals in the pandemic response. The goal of the series is to increase understanding of these important issues, and offer strategies to better support America’s health care workforce during this difficult time and beyond. Webinars will discuss:

  • How to support nurses, America’s largest health care workforce, and raise their voices as trusted messengers in media and other forums.

  • The important role of community health workers and pharmacists in the public health response to COVID-19, including reaching vulnerable populations, assisting with education and outreach, and supporting vaccination efforts.

  • The pandemic’s role in exacerbating the physician burnout and suicide crisis, as well strategies to help physicians now and in the future.





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