Health Insurance Markets During a Time of Change: The Nuts & Bolts

Time & Location

8:30 - 9:45 AM ET

As the Trump administration and Congress make moves to dismantle the ACA, debate continues over the trade-offs of various replacement proposals and their impact on the individual insurance market in particular. This webinar, hosted by Alliance for Health Reform with support from NIHCM Foundation, explored different scenarios affecting private insurance markets and consumers, including

  • the factors affecting insurer participation in the next marketplace open enrollment,
  • the possible impact of proposals like high-risk pools, new tax credits and changes to the tax treatment of employee benefits,
  • how much latitude states will have with alternative proposals to increase coverage and access through provisions such as Section 1332 waivers, and
  • key considerations for journalists covering developments at federal, state and local levels.

This webinar is a project of the Alliance for Health Reform and NIHCM Foundation, in collaboration with the Association of Health Care Journalists.


Linda Blumberg

Urban Institute

Christopher Holt

American Action Forum

Brian Webb

National Association of Insurance Commissioners

Mary Agnes Carey

Kaiser Health News

Mark Zdechlik

Minnesota Public Radio


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