Improving Continuity of Coverage and Care for Pregnant & Postpartum Women

Time & Location

10:00 - 11:30 AM ET

Women who are insured during pregnancy have better access to prenatal care and early screenings and are less likely to face preterm birth and low birth weight. These are good reasons to celebrate the recent coverage gains among women. But focusing on coverage rates alone can obscure the challenges women still face in retaining coverage and accessing care. For example, pregnancy can trigger changes in eligibility for public support, causing women to churn between types of coverage at a time when continuous care is invaluable.

This webinar explored ways to help women maintain insurance coverage during pregnancy and postpartum. Presentations included the following:

  • the leading causes of pregnancy churn in the post-ACA insurance landscape
  • ways health plans can make it easier for women to navigate their coverage options
  • what states can do to improve continuity of coverage for pregnant and postpartum women


Dania Palanker

National Women's Law Center

Karen Shea

Anthem, Inc.

Todd Slettvet

Washington State Health Care Authority


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