The 28th Annual NIHCM Awards

The powerful stories written and pioneering research conducted by the 2022 NIHCM Journalism and Research Award winners explores the origins of COVID-19, the health impact of environmental hazards, poverty and discrimination on health, as well as controversial new treatments, and the link between health care coverage and health outcomes.


"Congratulations to the winners of the 28th Annual NIHCM Awards. Their intrepid reporting and research inspires us all, as they uncovered new evidence and insights into how we can improve health for people in all walks of life."

Nancy Chockley

Founding President and CEO of NIHCM

2022 General Circulation Journalism Award

Adam Feuerstein

Damian Garde

Matthew Herper

Nicholas Florko

NIHCM 2022 Investigative and General Reporting Award Winner

Vital, important coverage of the most contentious drug approval in decades

Adam Feuerstein, Damian Garde, Matthew Herper, Nicholas Florko

Prize: $20,000

“Alzheimer’s disease is a devastating diagnosis for patients and their caregivers. Treatments are desperately needed, but only if they’re safe and effective. Our reporting showed how Biogen used back channels and covert lobbying to win FDA approval for its controversial Alzheimer’s drug Aduhelm, later sparking a federal investigation. We also brought readers deep into Biogen itself, revealing how Aduhelm’s polarizing approval and disastrous commercial rollout has fractured the company’s leadership and plunged it into financial crisis.”

— Adam Feuerstein

2022 Television and Radio Journalism Award

Jane McMullen

Dan Edge

NIHCM 2022 Television and Audio Journalism Award Winner

China's COVID Secrets

Jane McMullen, Alex Mattholie, Stephanie Stafford, and Dan Edge

Prize: $20,000

“We went into production on China's COVID Secrets in spring 2020, just as the pandemic began to unfold around the world. The questions at its heart - what the Chinese authorities knew about COVID-19 and whether opportunities to stop its spread were missed - only became more relevant over time. It’s a tremendous honor to see our FRONTLINE reporting recognized by NIHCM, and we are so pleased that this documentary could shine new light on these critical events.”

— Reporting team

2022 Digital Media Award

Lylla Younes

Al Shaw

Ava Kofman

Lisa Song

Max Blau

Maya Miller

Kiah Collier

Ken Ward Jr.

Alyssa Johnson

Lucas Waldron

Kathleen Flynn

NIHCM 2022 Data-Driven Storytelling Award Winner

Sacrifice Zones: Mapping Cancer-Causing Industrial Air Pollution

Lylla Younes, Al Shaw, Ava Kofman, Lisa Song, Max Blau, Maya Miller, Kiah Collier, Ken Ward Jr., Alyssa Johnson, Lucas Waldron, Kathleen Flynn

Prize: $20,000

“As a result of our Sacrifice Zones series, which exposed how failures in the implementation of the Clean Air Act have led to the formation of toxic hotspots nationwide, communities across the country have successfully campaigned for health assessments, and Congress has proposed a $500M air monitoring bill.”

— Lylla Younes

2022 Trade Journalism Award

Gretchen Vogel

Kai Kupferschmidt

NIHCM 2022 Trade Journalism Award Winner

A rare but real side effect: How scientists recognized deadly complications after the AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccines

Gretchen Vogel and Kai Kupferschmidt

Prize: $15,000

“When reports of rare but serious side effects of the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine first emerged, we knew it was crucial to quickly gather the available information and explain it carefully. Understanding such effects is essential, and we wanted to give readers, faced with a flood of misinformation, a solid foundation.”

— Gretchen Vogel and Kai Kupferschmidt

Amy Maxmen

NIHCM 2022 Trade Journalism Honorable Mention

Inequality's Deadly Toll: A century of research has demonstrated how poverty and discrimination drive disease. Can Covid push science to finally address the issue?

Amy Maxmen

Prize: $5,000

2022 Research Award

Jacob Goldin

Ithai Z. Lurie

Janet McCubbin

NIHCM 2022 Research Award Winner

Health insurance and mortality: Experimental evidence from taxpayer outreach

Jacob Goldin, Ithai Z. Lurie, Janet McCubbin

Prize: $20,000

“We were fortunate to have the opportunity to study such an important policy, and to see the results inform the design of future outreach efforts as well as broader questions about the value of health insurance.”

— Jacob Goldin, Ithai Z. Lurie, and Janet McCubbin

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The winning entries were selected from more than 400 entries by our panels of independent judges. As is the case every year, we received many remarkable entries. Learn more about the finalists' impressive work.

our Judges

A special thank you to our judges listed below.

2022 General Circulation Journalism Award

  • Eliza Barclay
  • John Carreyrou
  • Ceci Connolly
  • John Fauber
  • Clifton Leaf
  • Fred Schulte
  • William Wan

2022 Television and Radio Journalism Award

  • Callie Crossley
  • Susan Dentzer
  • Gisele Grayson
  • Stone Phillips
  • Alice Irene Pifer
  • Julie Rovner
  • Susan Wagner

2022 Digital Media Award

  • Julia Belluz
  • Aaron Carroll
  • Christopher J. Conover
  • Michael Millenson
  • Alan Murray
  • Sabriya Rice
  • Meredith White

2022 Trade Journalism Award

  • Eliza Barclay
  • John Carreyrou
  • Ceci Connolly
  • John Fauber
  • Clifton Leaf
  • Fred Schulte
  • William Wan

2022 Research Award

  • Laurence C. Baker
  • Tsung-Mei Cheng
  • Sherry Glied
  • Vicky Gregg
  • Joseph P. Newhouse
  • Mark Pauly
  • Gail R. Wilensky