About NIHCM Foundation

The National Institute for Health Care Management (NIHCM) Foundation is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization dedicated to transforming health care through evidence and collaboration.

Our Mission


We build the evidence base by supporting research and journalism of the highest quality.


We spark insights and collaboration by bringing the best new ideas to large and influential audiences.


We bring a real-world market perspective to issues.

Our Approach

We work with some of the best thought leaders in health care to build bridges and bring to light information on improving health. We have a broad network of partners in federal, state, and local governments, and leaders in public health, advocacy, academia, media and the private sector, built over the last 30 years. Our Advisory Board is a group of highly regarded academics, physicians and former government leaders, from both sides of the aisle, and our Board of Directors includes the CEOs of health plans covering more than 40 percent of privately insured Americans.

“NIHCM is my best window on the health care system. … NIHCM is evidence-minded.
It respects science.”

Donald Berwick

Fmr. Administrator of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services

What We Do

Analyze and provide strategic vision on critical health issues and new research.

Data Visualization Research Insights Population Health Spotlight

“What you get out of NIHCM is depth. … Expertise from people who have been there and done that. Who advised presidents, presidential candidates, people on the Hill, and the academic experts who are doing the cutting-edge research to try to identify solutions.”

Avik Roy

President, The Foundation for Research on Equal Opportunity

Connect bi-partisan groups of leaders in health policy, care, and business in ways that catalyze new ideas about transforming population health. Our work includes Capitol Hill Briefings and CEO Seminars.

Webinars and Events

"Think tanks now are so ideological that they can't really convene a meeting. Where[as] NIHCM sits kind of between that. They're not a lobbyist, they're not an association, they're not a partisan institution, and they're trusted. So, this is the right place to actually bring people together to make things happen."

Bob Kocher

Fmr. Special Asst. to the President on Health Care & Economic Policy

Support and Recognize the best independent, groundbreaking, and impactful health care Journalism and Research.

Grants Awards

"NIHCM shines a spotlight on the power of outstanding reporting that uncovers critical issues impacting health -- reporting that informs policy change and improves health care. In an age of disinformation and deliberate erosion of journalism, NIHCM journalism grants go a long way to help rebuild the public's confidence in trusted sources."

Callie Crossley

Radio/TV Host/Commentator, WGBH, Boston

“We created NIHCM to inform and bring together policy experts and business leaders for a bipartisan exploration of ways increase health care access, quality and affordability.”

Nancy Chockley

Founding President and CEO, NIHCM Foundation

Our History

The National Institute for Health Care Management (NIHCM) was incorporated in 1993 by a group of forward-thinking health plan CEOs under the leadership of Founding President and CEO Nancy Chockley. In 1998, NIHCM reorganized to maintain the LLC, while launching the NIHCM Foundation. From its original mission of partnering with the federal government to create brighter futures for women and children, the NIHCM foundation has expanded its work to improve care for all by building the evidence base for policies on a wide range of issues.

Social Responsibility

In addition to supporting the work of NIHCM Foundation, NIHCM LLC is committed to playing a positive role in the community through charitable giving to improve the health and well-being of vulnerable Americans. Our donations place particular emphasis on women, children, mental health and the social determinants of health, which are also historical focus areas for NIHCM Foundation. In 2023, we will support: Ayuda, Bright Beginnings, Children's Law Center, City Blossoms, Doctors Without Borders, Generation Hope, Horton’s Kids, Miriam's Kitchen, My Sister's Place, Sasha Bruce Youth Network , SMYAL, Street Sense, The Trevor Project, and UNICEF.