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Cost & Quality

Learn more about rising health care costs and private- and public-sector strategies to improve the value of spending.

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Health Care Coverage

Learn more about health care coverage, including private insurance, employer-sponsored insurance, Medicare and Medicaid, and efforts to reduce uninsurance.

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Health Care Reform

Learn more about the impact of changes in health care delivery and payment on access, cost, and quality. Explore research and analysis on the Affordable Care Act and health care reform proposals.

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Maternal and Child Health

Learn more about health problems affecting women, children and their families, and public- and private-sector efforts to improve reproductive health and child well-being.

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Prescription Drugs

Learn more about spending and pricing for prescription drugs, the dangers of opioid abuse arising from prescribed opioids and illicit substances, and solutions to lower spending.

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Provider Consolidation

Learn more about how hospitals, physicians and other providers are increasingly joining forces, the impact on health care prices, spending, practice patterns and quality, and government and private-sector efforts to counter provider market power.

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Rural Health

Learn more about the evolving challenges in rural communities and workable solutions to address health disparities, provider shortages and access to broadband and technology.

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Social Determinants of Health

Learn more about how food, housing, education and other social determinants impact health, and effective programs and policies that address unmet needs.

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Substance Use

Learn more about prevalence and trends in drug use and strategies to prevent and treat substance use disorders.

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Environmental Health

Learn more about the relationships between people and their environment, promoting human health and well-being, and fostering healthy and safe communities.

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