Transforming Health Care Through Evidence and Collaboration
Transforming Health Care Through Evidence and Collaboration


During this webinar, panelists discussed opportunities and challenges in the generic and biosimilar market, how past administrations have approached this issue, and the impact on different stakeholders, including consumers.


Cost & Quality

Recognizing that the U.S. is ill-prepared to handle health care issues related to the ongoing shift to an older population with longer lifespans, this series of articles will explore research on aging-related diseases and disorders; health care delivery, cost and payment, including caregiving; and evidence-based solutions.


Building off of previous award-winning work, this national project will investigate mergers surrounding the pharmacy benefit manager (PBM) industry and the impact on consumers. This multimedia investigation will include data visualizations, video, podcasts and print reporting.


This Research Insights highlights a new study on hospital consolidation that did not find improvements in the quality of care following hospital acquisition.


This chart story examines the latest data on hospital consolidation, including trends, impacts, future outlook and proposed policy solutions.


Part of the Health Matters webinar series, this webinar explored the likelihood of drug pricing legislation passing before the end of 2019.


This Research Insights summarizes a new study on overuse of health care by privately insured adults, finding geographic patterns that persist over time.


Manufacturer practices under the current patent system have come under scrutiny for blocking or delaying the entry of generic or biosimilar drugs into the market. During this webinar, panelists explored the relationship between patents, prices and patient access.