Journalism Grants

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Rural America’s Hidden Inequities

Health Care Coverage / Health Care Reform


Institute for Nonprofit News

Grant Period:

Jan 01, 2022 - Dec 31, 2023



Summary of the Project:

An editorial collaboration investigating critical health care issues in rural communities, including barriers to quality and access to care and solutions to promote community health. [Link]

About the Grantee:

The Institute for Nonprofit News strengthens and supports more than 400 independent news organizations in a new kind of news network: nonprofit, nonpartisan and dedicated to public service. INN’s vision is to build a nonprofit news network that ensures all people in every community can access trusted news. From local news to in-depth reporting, members of the INN Network tell stories that otherwise go untold – connecting communities, holding the powerful accountable and strengthening democracy. INN programs help these newsrooms develop revenue and business models to support strong reporting, collaborate on editorial and business innovation and advance the diverse leaders who are forging a new future for news.

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October 20, 2022

The Specialist Squeeze: In Rural Areas, Including Shasta County, the Lack of Specialist Doctors Hurts Patients, Families and the Community

Patients who need a specialist physician such as a lung doctor may wait months, travel for hours, or fail to connect with one at all. Experts say the lack of timely, accessible specialist medical care has ripple effects across the community, worsening social outcomes for patients and families. Statewide there is not yet a coordinated plan to address this problem.

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Author: Annelise Pierce

October 19, 202

Why This Hawaiian Island Has To Outsource Psychiatric Care

For the first time since 1990, the state agency that provides care to adults diagnosed with a serious mental illness has no staff on Lanai. The problem is a microcosm of a statewide mental health care crisis.

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Author: Brittany Lyte

October 18, 2022

No Internet, No Telehealth: Rural N.C. Residents Struggle to Connect with Doctors Virtually

Rural counties, which have fewer healthcare resources, also have worse internet connectivity. What does that mean for telehealth, a frequently cited solution for rural healthcare shortages?

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Author: Shelby Harris

October 17, 2022

Breaking Point: Specialists, Broadband and the Fight for Health Equity in Rural America

Chronic health conditions and distance to medical services mean rural residents need more healthcare specialists and better telehealth. But they are less likely than urban areas to get it. In Hawaii, California, and North Carolina, communities look at ways to change that equation.

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Author: Kristi Eaton