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Valuing a Cure: Evaluating Different Approaches to Determine a Value-Based Price for a Potential Cure

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Principal Investigator: Steven D. Pearson, Institute for Clinical and Economic Review

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Jan 01, 2019 - Dec 31, 2019



Summary of the Project:

Many drugs in the development pipeline offer the potential to cure patients but will almost certainly enter the market with very high price tags. This study will extend ICER's current value assessment framework to tackle difficult conceptual and methodological issues related to establishing fair, value-based initial prices for these drugs. The work will be applied to a real-world case study of an emerging potential cure and incorporated into an update of ICER's value assessment framework. Findings will also be shared with international technology assessment organizations.

Media Coverage

January 16, 2019

This Gene Therapy Treatment for Blindness is the Most Expensive Drug in America

Reporting on the high cost of a successful gene therapy to treat blindness, this NBC News segment features Steven Pearson discussing how prices are set for innovative pharmaceutical products. With a NIHCM Foundation grant, Steven Pearson and Richard Chapman will build upon their existing body of work at ICER on value-based drug pricing.

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Grantee Publications

May 10, 2021

Does Cost-Effectiveness Analysis Overvalue Potential Cures? Exploring Alternative Methods for Applying a “Shared Savings” Approach to Cost Offsets

This article explores alternative methods for establishing prices for new drugs that are potentially curative and likely to be extremely expensive.

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Author: Chapman, R; Kumar, V; Whittington, M; Pearson, S

May 16, 2019

New Cost-Effectiveness Methods to Determine Value-Based Prices for Potential Cures: What Are the Options?

This article analyzes the challenges and presents several options to modify the conduct and presentation of cost-effectiveness analyses to ensure they provide policy-relevant assessments of the value of potential cures.

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Author: S Pearson, D Ollendorf, R Chapman