Medicaid Expansion Under the ACA: Early Takers, No Shows and Alternative Models

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07:30 AM - 08:45 AM ET

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Since last fall, 25 states and the District of Columbia have been enrolling millions of newly eligible persons in Medicaid under the ACA's expansion provisions. The other 25 states have opted not to expand eligibility at this time. A handful of states are pursuing other expansion options, such as premium assistance models. As 2014 gets underway, there is considerable attention on understanding the experiences and impacts of these different paths.

This webinar brought together top researchers to discuss state plans for expansion and the latest evidence on the impact of their decisions, including:

  • How states that expanded eligibility prior to 2014 have fared, and what their experiences might mean for the ongoing expansion in other states
  • The financial implications for states declining expansion
  • Alternative models currently being pursued in states like Arkansas and Iowa


New Evidence on Medicaid and the ACA: Lessons from Early Expansion States

Ben Sommers

Harvard School of Public Health

The Cost of Just Saying No: Implications of Not Expanding Medicaid

Sherry Glied

New York University

A Look at Alternative Models to Implement the ACA Medicaid Expansion

Robin Rudowitz

Kaiser Family Foundation

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