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Required Elements for Letters of Inquiry NIHCM Foundation Journalism Grants 2021-2022 Funding Cycle

Letters of Inquiry must be submitted using NIHCM’s online entry system. This system will require the following information:

  • Complete contact information for one person designated as the Applicant
  • A working title for your project
  • Anticipated start and end dates for the project
  • The budget you will be requesting
  • A category for your project:
    • Health reporting
    • Educational opportunities for health care reporters
    • Support for documentary films and their public engagement campaigns
    • Other
  • A no more than 100-word summary of the project and expected impact
  • A .pdf file containing a narrative description of the proposed project

The narrative description is limited to no more than 1000 words (including section headings) and must be double-spaced. It must present information using the following structure:

1. Statement of Project Purpose, Significance and Potential Impact

Please describe the purpose of the project and the significance of the issue addressed by the project.

2. Description of the Project

Please provide a brief summary of the proposed work. If you are applying for documentary support, please include a link to a visual sample of your work.

3. Qualifications of Key Personnel

Please provide a brief description of the personnel essential to completion of the project.

4. Dissemination Plans: Anticipated Products or Deliverables and Target Audience(s)

Please describe your outlet. Are you national, local, or providing news to an underserved audience? What role does your outlet serve in the community? What is unique about your outlet? How do you intend to reach your target audience(s) as well as the anticipated size of print, broadcast and/or online audiences?

5. Other Funding Support

Would this project be possible without NIHCM’s support? Please describe any other relevant support you have obtained or are/will be seeking for this project. If no funding other than through the NIHCM grant will be needed, please state that this is the case.

Letters of inquiry must be submitted by 5:00PM EDT on July 12, 2021. We welcome submissions any time before this deadline. You will receive an email confirmation that your LOI has been received. Please add nihcm[at] to your contact list to ensure delivery. If you do not receive this confirmation, please check your spam folder and then follow up directly with Carolyn Myers at nihcm[at]