Data-Driven Storytelling Award Winners

2023 Winner

Diagnosis: Debt

KFF Health News in partnership with NPR and CBS News

Noam N. Levey, Aneri Pattani, Yuki Noguchi, Anna Werner, Bram Sable-Smith, Juweek Adolphe, and Megan Kalata

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Noam N. Levey

Noam N. Levey

Aneri Pattani

Aneri Pattani

Yuki Noguchi

Yuki Noguchi

Anna Werner

Anna Werner

Bram Sable-Smith

Bram Sable-Smith

Juweek Adolphe

Juweek Adolphe

Megan Kalata

Megan Kalata

Lylla Younes

Al Shaw

Ava Kofman

Lisa Song

Max Blau

Maya Miller

Kiah Collier

Ken Ward Jr.

Alyssa Johnson

Lucas Waldron

Kathleen Flynn

2022 Winner

Sacrifice Zones: Mapping Cancer-Causing Industrial Air Pollution

ProPublica, The Texas Tribune, and Mountain State Spotlight

Lylla Younes, Al Shaw, Ava Kofman, Lisa Song, Max Blau, Maya Miller, Kiah Collier, Ken Ward Jr., Alyssa Johnson, Lucas Waldron, Kathleen Flynn

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2021 Winner

Lost on the Frontline

Kaiser Health News and The Guardian

Christina Jewett, Danielle Renwick, Alastair Gee and the Lost on the Frontline team

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Christina Jewett

Danielle Renwick

credit: Lydia Zuraw/KHN

2020 Winner

Heat and Health in American Cities and Code Red: Baltimore's Climate Divide

National Public Radio, The University of Maryland Howard Center for Investigative Journalism and Capital News Service

Meg Anderson and Sean McMinn

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2019 Winner

The Weight of Numbers: Air Pollution and PM2.5

Undark Magazine

Larry Price, Gayathri Vaidyanathan, Talia Bronshtein, Sohara Mehroze Shachi, Anna Cunningham and Brendan Borrel

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2018 Winner

The Orphan Drug Machine

Kaiser Health News

Sarah Jane Tribble, Sydney Lupkin, Heidi de Marco, John Hillkirk, Francis Ying, Lydia Zuraw, Diane Webber and Scott Hensley

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

2017 Winner

STAT: Coverage of the opioid crisis


David Armstrong, Matthew Orr and Natalia Bronshtein

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

2016 Winner

When Silver Is Worth More Than Gold or Platinum


Andrew Sprung

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2015 Winner

Healthcare Triage—Using Evidence to Inform Policy

Healthcare Triage

Aaron Carroll, Mark Olsen, Stan Muller

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