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Patterns and Determinants of Inappropriate Diagnostic Imaging

Cost & Quality


Gary Young, Northeastern University

Grant Period:

Jan 01, 2017 - Dec 31, 2018



Summary of the Project:

Using multiple data sources from Massachusetts, this study will describe the magnitude and costs of inappropriate diagnostic imaging; estimate how patient, physician and practice characteristics influence this imaging; examine the relationship between physician self-referrals and inappropriate imaging; and investigate the impact of Massachusetts’s cost containment initiatives on imaging frequency. Study results will provide valuable information to policymakers for improving the appropriateness of imaging procedures.

Media Coverage

May 2021

Hospital Employment Of Physicians In Massachusetts Is Associated With Inappropriate Diagnostic Imaging

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Author: Young, G.J., S., Zepeda, E.D., Flaherty, S., and Thai, N

May 05, 2021

Rising costs, low-value care linked to hospital-employed physicians, studies show

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Author: Alex Kacik, Modern Healthcare

January 23, 2020

Effects of Physician Experience, Specialty Training, and Self-referral on Inappropriate Diagnostic Imaging

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Author: Young, G.J., Flaherty, S., Zepeda, E.D. et al.

August 26, 2019

The Problem With MRIs for Low Back Pain

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Author: Lola Butcher, Undark Magazine

January 23, 2019

"Magnitude and financial implications of inappropriate diagnostic imaging for three common clinical conditions"

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Author: Flaherty S, Zepeda ED, Mortele K, Young GJ, International Journal for Quality in Health Care

May 07, 2018

"Utilization Trends in Diagnostic Imaging for a Commercially Insured Population: A Study of Massachusetts Residents 2009 to 2013"

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Author: Flaherty S, Koenraad JM, Young G, JACR