Press Releases

Press Releases / January 27, 2022

David L. Holmberg and Steven Udvarhelyi Join NIHCM Board of Directors, Karen DeSalvo Joins NIHCM Advisory Board

The National Institute for Health Care Management (NIHCM) is delighted to announce that David L. Holmberg and Dr. Steven Udvarhelyi have joined the NIHCM Board of Directors, and Dr. Karen DeSalvo has joined the NIHCM Advisory Board.

Press Releases / January 21, 2022

Device Manufacturer Payments to Physicians May Influence Hospitals’ Purchasing Decisions - New Research Insights

The medical device industry makes substantial payments to physicians

Press Releases / January 12, 2022

NIHCM Awards $500,000 in Research Grants: Work will Explore Mental Health Care for Children, Rural Health, Health Equity, Access to Care, and more

The NIHCM Foundation has given 11 grants to leading researchers, totaling $500,000 in support health care research.

Press Releases / December 07, 2021

Sabriya Rice and William Wan join NIHCM Journalism Awards Judges Panel

We are delighted to announce that veteran journalists Sabriya Rice, a journalism professor at the University of Georgia and William Wan, a reporter for the Washington Post, have joined the judge’s panel for NIHCM's Journalism Awards.

Press Releases / December 01, 2021

Curtis Barnett New Chair of NIHCM Board of Directors

It is our pleasure to announce that Curtis Barnett, President and CEO of Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield (ABCBS), is the newly elected Chair of the Board of Directors of the National Institute for Health Care Management Foundation (NIHCM).

Press Releases / September 02, 2021

Children's Mental Health: Supporting Children & the Return to School

Children’s COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations are on the rise, hampering a safe return to school for students, teachers, staff and families. Schools and families are grappling with uncertainty as some schools decide to switch back to remote learning.

Press Releases / July 21, 2021

Physician Burnout: Strategies to Promote Resilience Among Physicians

Physician burnout and mental health have been long standing issues within the medical community, which were only exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. This collection of resources shares what physician burnout is and why it may occur, as well as strategies to reduce its burden on both clinicians and patients.